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Mark Fields Out, Jim Hackett in as Ford Motor CEO

Hackett led Ford Smart Mobility – arguably the future of the industry with ride sharing, electric vehicle, sales of big data and autonomous cars thrown in – since March 2016. Continue reading

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Ford Motor Q1 Disappoints with Sales, Revenue, Share Drops

This was the latest setback for Ford Motor CEO Mark Fields, who has been playing defense with declining performance since he took over from Alan Mulally in July of 2014. Sales volume and Company revenue were down in Ford’s view because of product launches and the strong U.S. dollar on international revenue. Continue reading

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Ford Motor Posts Q2 Pre-Tax Profit of $2.6 Billion

It was a solid quarter particularly when compared with Q1 results of a pre-tax profit of $1.4 billion, a decrease of $765 million compared Q1 of 2013. It’s possible that Ford moved charges into Q1 to pave the way for the CEO change that took place on 1 July with Mark Field replacing Alan Mulally. Continue reading

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Ford Motor Finally Makes it Official. Alan Mulally Retiring. Mark Fields new President and CEO

Fields is a controversial figure who some senior executives at Ford referred to as a show horse as opposed to a work horse. Given the always-messy succession issues at Ford – with the family vying for top leadership positions against outside professional managers who have a demonstrably better record since the Deuce, the only fair thing AutoInformed can say is that we will look at the record going forward, and not the back biting of the past surrounding Fields. He inherits an under performing company with large quality challenges. Continue reading

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