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Ford Out of Car Biz? 2019 Fusion Debuts in New York

What else to do when the stock is languishing or comatose on Wall Street at ~$10-12 a share after eight straight years of expanding U.S. vehicle sales. Continue reading

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First Drive – 2013 Lexus ES 350 and ES 300h Hybrid Sedans

A day of test-driving both of the front-drive mid-size cars shows that once again, these are well-equipped, quiet luxury models. However, Lexus engineers have abandoned the plush ride that made its name, for a distinctly German chassis setup that verges on the harsh and intrusive. Lexus executives claim that this is what customers want, which could come as news to the one million ES owners. This theory will be tested after the cars are priced – and the strong Yen will be a factor here – and final EPA numbers are attached to their window stickers. Continue reading

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Toyota Increases Fuel Economy and Equipment While Cutting Prices on 2012 Camry – a Gambit to Reestablish Leadership

A beleaguered Toyota Motor Corporation is counting on a revised 2012 Camry sedan to brush aside safety and quality concerns that have haunted it for the past two years. These, along with the Japan earthquake will relegate it to the third largest automaker in the world for 2011 after it assumed the number one spot in 2008 and held it for three years. Continue reading

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