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MIT, Stanford and Toyota Research Institute Use AI to Predict Useful Life of Batteries.They lasted from 150 to 2300 cycles.

After the researchers trained their machine learning model with a few hundred million data points, the algorithm predicted how many more cycles each battery would last, based on voltage declines and a few other factors among the early cycles. The predictions were within 9% of the actual cycle life. Separately, the algorithm categorized batteries as either long or short life expectancy based on just the first five charge/discharge cycles. Here, the predictions were correct 95% of the time. Continue reading

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People Choose Low Loan Repayments and High Interest Rates

Borrowers appear to set targets for their monthly payment on rounded amounts like $200, $300, and $400, rather than choosing the most cost-efficient payments. When borrowers are offered cheaper loan terms, they are more likely to take out larger loans rather than pocket the savings. Continue reading

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OnStar Starts Voice Application Student Competition

OnStar is looking for new in-vehicle voice-enabled applications through a contest at five U.S. universities.

The growing telematics subsidiary of General Motors is a leader in the controversial area of in-vehicle electronics OnStar is interested in working with students who are studying voice application development. The voice platform allows OnStar to provide more connectivity to subscribers.

This also might enable more distracted driving accidents, currently responsible for 6,000 deaths and more than 500,000 serious injuries each year, according to the latest National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics. A total of 33,808 people lost their lives in motor vehicle crashes in 2009. Another 2.22 million people were injured. Continue reading

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