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American Airlines to Freeze not Kill Pensions in Union Victory

The so-called pension freeze covers unionized flight attendants and other ground workers, but does not cover American Airline pilots because their pension plan includes a lump-sum payment upon retirement. It would have been possible for some of them to flee the once proud airline, meaning American would have an expensive aviation museum consisting of planes largely on the ground. Continue reading

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UAW to Demonstrate During Romney Speech at Ford Field

GM’s latest financial results added fuel to a raging fire as the elite political ruling class continues a contentious debate about the proper roll of government in the flagging U.S. economy in general, with the $80 billion auto bailout one of the focal points. One wag suggested that Democrats should run on “Bin Laden is Dead, GM is Alive,” a tough argument for Republicans and their ‘do nothing’ Congress to refute in the view of critics and what appear to be many pragmatic voters. Continue reading

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