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Major Greed Baseball – All Star Game Ruined by Ads

The Fox robot commentators were so busy hyping products that they barely had time to call balls and strikes. It’s time for fans to boycott the American sport. Continue reading

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2017 Tigers or is that Kittens Ready for Home Opener

The home opener at Comerica Park is Friday, when the Tigers take on the Boston Red Sox. Ugh, you might remember a RHP named Porcello, the 2016 American League Cy Young award winner with the Red Sox who we blithely traded. Then there’s Mad Max Scherzer who barbecues batters with a different kind of slider Continue reading

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Detroit Tigers at NAIAS: Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and…

Chevrolet, of course, is the official vehicle of Major League Baseball. The Tigers, of course, didn’t make the playoffs in 2016, and seem set to field the same team. Continue reading

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Chicago Cubs Win Seven Game World Series

Breaking numerous suspicions, including the Billy Goat curse, the Chicago Cubs in the early hours this morning defeated the Cleveland Indians festooned with their offensive Chief Wahoo Indian emblem by a score of 8 to 7 in the bottom of the tenth at Cleveland, winning the World Series. Continue reading

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Major Greed Baseball – Toyota Sponsors the Texas Rangers

The sponsorship “will highlight Toyota’s two Texas-built trucks, Tacoma and Tundra.” To be fair, Toyota – as do many, many other companies, is only taking advantage of a marketing opportunity offered by Major Greed baseball. The question is when does hype and selling end? We are dangerously close to not playing ball, but playing mall. Continue reading

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Detroit Tigers Home Opener Against the Hated Yankees

The Tigers’ home opener is Friday, April 8 against the hated New York Yankees. Continue reading

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All Star Game MVP Mike Trout Picks Corvette Prize

The action packed bout – surrounded by too much marketing hype, special promos and just plain commercial silliness that went on too long, including egomaniac announcer Joe Buck being asked out of the locker room just before the game was going to start by NYY #2, aka the Captain, proved how badly the 162 game season has been damaged by, on average 3 to 4 hour matches where pitching dominates. Continue reading

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Baseball, Apple Pie and Red Sox v White Sox at White House

“We’re all on the same team.” And I think Big Papi put it better and more colorfully than any of us could. I won’t repeat his quote. But the point is, Boston and the Red Sox were one this season.” Continue reading

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GM Ren Cen Honors Triple Crown of Tiger Miguel Cabrera

General Motors is adding three panels to its changing LED sign atop its Renaissance Center headquarters this weekend to celebrate Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera’s winning the American League Triple Crown. Cabrera led the league during the 2012 regular season in the batting average (.330), runs batted in (139) and home runs (44), and if there’s any justice in the baseball world should be the most valuable player when the votes are tallied, unless something, well, fishy occurs.. Continue reading

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Chevrolet and Prince Fielder Give Kids a Pro Baseball Field

Prince, of course, benefited from the Tiger’s family-friendly policy of playing on the Tigers field and taking batting practice and coaching as a kid when his father, Cecil, was tearing the cover off the ball in Detroit. Sort of takes some of the fear out of it when a pitcher is trying to stare you down, if as a kid you’ve been in the cage in a big league park looking at fastballs curves, sliders and brushbacks. Continue reading

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New Chevrolet Ads with Verlander, Fielder for 2012 Season

As the 2012 major league baseball season begins, Chevrolet is using Justin Verlander and Prince Fielder of the Detroit Tigers in 15-second spots that are a remake of the now classic 1974 “Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet” TV ad. Don’t quit your day (and night) baseball jobs, guys… Continue reading

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Selected of God Choir to Sing National Anthem for the Detroit Tigers Playoff Game at 8:30 EDT Tonight

It’s clear from to me from listening to the Turner Broadcast announcers – Turner has exclusive TV rights – that they know nothing about the Tigers, which – like the Detroit Three Automakers – are all having a great year – in the Tiger’s case as one of the best teams in major league baseball. Well, tonight the Turner crew will get to see what is probably only their third Tiger game, ever. It won’t be their last… Continue reading

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In Memory of Sparky Anderson

Sparky Anderson, 76, manager of the Detroit Tigers from 1979-1995, died on Thursday, November 4th. He was the first manager to guide teams to World Series titles in the American League and National League. Continue reading

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