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Rain Shortens Fourth Annual Roadkill Nights – Street-legal Drag Racing on Woodward Avenue

A total of 128 street-legal cars were on a specially prepped 1/8-mile drag strip on Woodward Avenue between Rapid Street and South Boulevard to compete in high-powered drag racing for cash prizes. Heavy rains ended the races early, so 16 total finalists split $20,000 in cash prizes. Continue reading

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Ford to Unveil New Model During Woodward Dream Cruise Tomorrow. Mustang NASCAR Cup Edition Coming?

This remains ‘Merican pavement pulverizing territory. The burnt rubber on Woodward avenue in the run up to the Dream Cruise with the prelude of Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge at the MI Concourse just off Woodward in Pontiac are just the latest examples. With American passenger cars now an endangered species, the pony cars thrive. I’ll wager the Mustang is the last passenger car assembled by FMC after the crossover tidal wave finishes washing though the auto industry and it wrestles with connect and self-driving vehicles. Continue reading

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Right-Hand-Drive Mustang Testing Begins

A right-hand-drive prototype of the upcoming 2015 Mustang has been spotted as it underwent initial testing. Continue reading

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Milestones – One-Millionth Ford Mustang Built at Flat Rock

Fifty years after Mustang’s debut, the one-millionth Flat Rock assembled pony car was built today. The potential owner of the Ruby Red 2014 convertible was unknown, as the celebration took place nine years after Mustang final assembly was moved to Flat Rock, Michigan. Continue reading

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Future Mustang and Lincoln Coupe?

At first glance, this Mustang looks somewhat altered. Take a close look and you can spot the differences in this prototype and the cars in the showrooms. From the front there is little to see that’s different. However, that galloping horse set alone in the grille is a design not offered on current Mustang models. Continue reading

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Milestones: 50 years of Mustang at Watkins Glen

It was 50 years ago that Ford Motor Company decided to show a mid-engine, V-4 powered two-seat concept car at the Watkins Glen Grand Prix.  While the striking handsome white car – still residing at the Henry Ford museum in … Continue reading

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Red Tail Mustang to be Auctioned at EAA Oshkosh for Eagles

Ford Motor will auction a one of kind Red Tails Mustang at the Experimental Aircraft Association AirVenture convention in Oshkosh next Thursday. The single edition Mustang has VIN 00051 in honor of the red tail P-51 Mustang planes flown by the Tuskegee Airmen during more than 1,500 missions during WWII. Pervasive racism in the army kept the black unit segregated during the war. Continue reading

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Mustang GT with V8 Priced at $69,000 in Philippines Debut

The new Ford Mustang today debuted in the Philippines with a $69,100 price for the 5-liter V8 powered GT. This adds another meaning to muscle car – as in having the strength to lift a wallet that large. The 3.7-liter V6 Mustang is priced at almost $60,000 in Manila. Customer deliveries start in September. The descendants of the original pony car come from the AutoAlliance International Plant in Flat Rock, Michigan. Ford has had a spotty history in the Philippines and pulled out of the market in the early 1980s only to return in 1998. Japanese makes not surprisingly dominate the market. Continue reading

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Ford Shelby GT500 to Offer 650 Horsepower Production V8

Ford is boasting that the ultimate Ford Mustang – Shelby GT500 – will offer the highest horsepower production V8 when the new 2013 model goes on sale next year. The 5.8-liter V8 aluminum-block supercharged engine is claimed to be rated at 650 horsepower and 600 lb.-ft. of torque, making it the most powerful production V8 in the world. The 3,850-pound car also will be exempt from the gas-guzzler tax, a claim that awaits EPA certification. Continue reading

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Camaro ZL1 Coupe Priced at $54,995 for 2012 Model

The Camaro pony car is capable of speeds up to 184 mph and can traverse the pavement from a rolling start to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds, according to Chevrolet. As such, the Camaro ZL1 coupe presents strong competition not only for the performance versions of the Shelby Mustang, GT 500, but also the Cadillac CTS-V coupe (rated at 556 horsepower or 415 kW), which makes the coupe just as fast, arguably roomier and starts at $64,090. For the record, Camaro has consistently outsold the Mustang since its introduction Continue reading

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Chevy Camaro Convertible, Buick Regal Added at GM Oshawa

The Oshawa Assembly Plant in Canada today added 700 employees for a new second shift on a flexible assembly line as General Motors takes the final steps for upcoming 2011 launches of Chevrolet Camaro Convertible and Buick Regal models. Camaro … Continue reading

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