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Mexican Senate Approves Labor Law Reforms

The Mexican Senate has unanimously approved an initiative that amends Articles 107 and 123 of the Mexican Constitution, leading the way for what could be a serious advance for workers in the country. This would impact the auto companies doing … Continue reading

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Trade Agreement Data at Odds with Political Rhetoric?

No wonder President Harry Truman was looking for a “one-handed economist.” So is AutoInformed, and we suspect millions upon millions of workers. Continue reading

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Unifor Picks GM as Target in Canadian Auto Worker Talks

The union, an outgrowth of the Canadian Autoworkers union represents more the 23,000 Canadians workers at the Big Three Detroit automakers, and more than 310,000 members in every major sector of the Canadian economy. Continue reading

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U.S. August Vehicle Sales Slump

Pickup trucks, SUVs and crossovers continued to take share with 910,476 sold  in August sales (+2.4%) or more than 60% of the market in the U.S.  The ongoing drop in car sales continued at 600,977 sold or -12.6% year-over-year for … Continue reading

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Ford Invests $1.6 Billion in Mexico. NAFTA Sucking Sound of Lost U.S. Jobs Continues During Fierce Presidential Race

In the midst of a Presidential race where Donald Trump is threatening to put a 37.5% tax on auto imports – specifically singling out Ford Motor, the Dearborn-based automaker announced today that it is investing in a new plant in Mexico’s San Luis Potosi State to produce more small cars. The $1.6 billion investment will create 2,800 additional direct jobs by 2020, according to Ford. Continue reading

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UAW Denounces US House Passage of Fast Track

No trade agreement adopted under “Fast Track” has ever been defeated. It is the UAW’s contention – supported by much data gathered after the jobs destroying NAFTA, agreement, that the American auto industry, which leads the country in manufactured exports today, will be hurt. Continue reading

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Kia Motors to Build $1 Billion Plant in Mexico

Kia Motors said today that it has reached an investment agreement with the Mexico government to build a manufacturing plant in Monterrey in the northeastern state of Nuevo León. Construction planned to begin in late September. Continue reading

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Milestones – Toyota Baja 10 Years of Tacoma Production

So much for the Obama Administration’s pledge, err political blather, to eliminate needless government regulations. The chicken tax stands after all these years. Moreover, so much for the Administration’s promise to create American manufacturing jobs. As to Ford’s conduct, well make up your own mind, but if the laughable proposition that “corporations are people” is used, then hypocrite applies. Continue reading

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GM to Expand Three Plants in Mexico

While GM has been operating in Mexico for 78 years, the NAFTA trade agreement made it easier for automakers and other manufacturers to transfer jobs out of the U.S., which buys almost 80% of total Mexican exports of vehicles and auto parts. The U.S. continues to run a trade deficit under NAFTA since its 1994 inception, running a deficit of $169 billion with Mexico during 2012, as politician’s promises of U.S. jobs never materialized. The Obama Administration is attempting to put similar agreements, negotiated in secret, in place with Germany, Japan, and other Pacific countries. Continue reading

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NAFTA Trade Up in June to $83 Billion. Vehicles Post Big Gains

Trade between the United States and its North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA partners, Canada and Mexico, increased 6.6% in June 2012 compared to the year earlier period as measured by surface transportation. This means that $82.6 billion worth of goods traversed the NAFTA zone. Adjusted for inflation and exchange rates, the June 2012 total was $61.0 billion in 2004 dollars, up 11% from June 2011 according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics of the U.S. Department of Transportation. Continue reading

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Nissan to Build $2 Billion Plant In Aguascalientes Mexico

The announcement comes as the United Auto Workers union is developing plans to once again try to organize transplants in the United States, where Nissan has two other plants. The UAW has been unsuccessful in previous organizing attempts, and its lack of international alliances with other unions is a decided disadvantage.The lack of exports from UAW organized Detroit Three plants is preventing the creation of middle class jobs in the U.S. – now clearly the issue in the upcoming presidential election. Continue reading

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BMW to Spend $900 Million on South Carolina Plant for New X4

Since 1994, the plant has undergone four major expansions and produced 6 different BMW models and their variants (318i, Z3, Z4, X5, X6, X3). Employment has grown from 500 in 1994 to more than 7,000 today. Continue reading

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Korean Automakers Post Huge U.S. Sales Gains as Disputed Free Trade Agreement Heads for Congressional Approval

Some of the biggest sales gains in May were posted by Korean automakers Hyundai (up 20.7% versus a year ago) and Kia (up 53.4%). Combined, the two Korean automakers sold more than 100,000 vehicles for the month. Korea is the fifth largest producer and fourth largest exporter of motor vehicles in the world.

However, Korea ranks at the very bottom — 30 out of 30 among the largest automotive markets — for auto market access. The average among major developed economies is 40% market penetration by imported automobiles, but in Korea, the total of import vehicles from all global manufacturers in all countries entering the Korean market is around 3.6%. This is about 40,000 vehicles in a market that buys roughly one million vehicles annually. Continue reading

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