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Making America Late Again – NAIAS to September 2021

NAIAS will remain a fall show going forward after the inaugural event in September 2021. Show dates have been secured with TCF Center for the next three years. NAIAS organizers choose dates towards the end of the month because of the new IAA in Munich, which is scheduled for the first full week in September. NAIAS has had a troubled relationship with German automakers. The NAIAS move in our view is defensive with a yet unknown outcome. Continue reading

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2020 NAIAS Canceled. TCF Center to be Field Hospital. Michigan’s COVID Crisis had Little Federal Help

“With the more than 100 convention centers and facilities around the country being considered to potentially serve as hospitals, it became clear to us that TCF Center would be an inevitable option to serve as a care facility to satisfy our community’s urgent health needs,” said NAIAS Executive Director Rod Alberts.  Continue reading

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Chevy Unveils Life-Size LEGO Replica of New 2019 Silverado

The LEGO Silverado continues the partnership between Chevy and Warner Bros. Pictures that began with “The LEGO Batman Movie” and continues with “The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part”. Continue reading

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Final Winter NAIAS Charity Preview Raises $4,000,000

Now in its 43rd year, Charity Preview has raised over $121,000,000 for southeastern Michigan children’s charities since the Detroit Auto Dealers Association established the event. Continue reading

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Almost Showtime for the Last Winter Weather NAIAS

Next year the 2020 NAIAS moves to June, starting the week of the 8th. Continue reading

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Acura, Honda at 2018 North American International Auto Show

The all-new 2019 Honda Insight will offer – what else – “premium style and high fuel efficiency in a five-passenger sedan that will be powered by latest generation of Honda’s two-motor full hybrid powertrain. The Insight comeback timing is inauspicious … Continue reading

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New 2019 Jeep Cherokee Crossover Debuts at NAIAS

What’s next – how about Jeep imports to US from China? Continue reading

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GAC Motor GM8 Minivan at 2018 NAIAS. Sold in US by 2019

GAC Motor is expected at NAIAS in 2018 with a extensive lineup, including he GM8, GA8, GS8, a new mass-production sedan GA4 and an all-new concept car. Continue reading

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The Real Stars of the NAIAS – Nomad, 300G and Mustang

These were cars that were built when the term “Big Three” meant something beyond what the Detroit automakers are now – supporting players but no longer the superstars in the global automobile business. Continue reading

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Lexus Unveils LC 500, a 2+2 Coupe in Detroit

“This couldn’t simply fill a category it had to fill people’s hearts. It must help improve the world we live in,” said Toyoda. Continue reading

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NAIAS set for Media Previews

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Huey Lewis and The News to perform at NAIAS

Huey Lewis and The News also wrote and performed “The Power of Love” and “Back in Time” for the hit film Back to the Future. Continue reading

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High Voltage! Gen 2 Chevrolet Volt is Significant Redesign

The new Volt has better gas mileage, greater range, faster acceleration, a fifth seat of sorts, and an all-new propulsion system. Pricing, yet to be announced, could be the deciding factor in Volt’s sales future. Former GM CEO Dan Ackerson, a venture capitalist, when he predicted astronomical sales had no idea that this is a long-term ~2030 play. Continue reading

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Chevrolet with New LED Displays at NAIAS in Detroit

Chevrolet today release a sneak peek of its North American International Auto Show, aka NAIAS, with an all-new display with six 20 ft.-tall, transparent screens with coordinated LED lighting and music that will tell – actually sell – stories about the brand’s cars, trucks and crossovers. Chapters include highlights of Chevrolet’s dependability, performance, belief in the power of play, available in-vehicle Wi-Fi technology through OnStar 4G LTE. Continue reading

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Thoughts on NAIAS Vehicles that Really Matter

Among the noise, models, crowds and carnival atmosphere at the North American International Auto Show last week, aka NAIAS, several important vehicles stand out. Continue reading

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