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Parker Solar Probe – First Close Flyby of Our Sun Today

Parker Solar Probe’s four sets of scientific measurement instruments are on and collecting as it works under extreme conditions that no automotive engineer has ever faced. Continue reading

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U.S. Space Exploration Essential for Climate Monitoring

More than half of Americans say they would not be interested in going into space, citing cost, fear, and age or health concerns. * Therefore, an expanded definition of the automakers quest to transform into mobility companies does not include to go where no man has gone before at this time. Continue reading

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Nissan and NASA to Develop Autonomous Drive Vehicles

NASA did not press release the deal, leaving it to French and Japanese owned Nissan to crow about the research in an attempt to downplay what is sure to be controversial – U.S. taxpayer resources supporting – yet again – offshore corporations. Continue reading

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GM and Honda Target 2020 for Viable Fuel Cell EVs

The light duty fuel cell vehicle (FCV) has shown promise for decades, but the problem remains that it is space age technology at NASA levels of cost. Not surprisingly, automakers have varying levels of interest fuel cells that always appear to be just a decade or so from commercialization, but interest is rising. Continue reading

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Melbourne Airport Caught Stealing from Taxpayers in NASA Scam

The misuse of NASA funding by two airport entities has resulted in millions of dollars of fines under the False Claims Act, which is used to look after taxpayer funded government grants. The Technological Research and Development Authority will pay $15 million to resolve allegations that it violated the Act in connection with grants from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Economic Development Administration (EDA) of the Department of Commerce, the Justice Department said Continue reading

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FAA and NASA Sign Commercial Space Safety Standards Pact

The ‘No Jobs’ Obama Administration is trying to position this as a move to encourage private sector innovation, in-sourcing work to American companies around the development of spaceflight capabilities along with job creation claims no matter how tenuous. Continue reading

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DOT Releases Long Delayed Toyota Unintended Acceleration Report, Exonerates Self, Claiming It Was Right All Along

The self conducted NHTSA study if it found problems, of course, would make DOT – with a staggering $79 billion budget vulnerable to Congressional dictated reforms, as well as budget and staff cuts as the deficit debate heats up on Capital Hill. Continue reading

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