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Ford Motor Recalls F-150 for Bad Seat-belt Fasteners

Ford Motor Company is recalling ~117,000 Ford F-150, E-Series, Escape and Lincoln MKC vehicles to replace improperly tempered seat, seat-back, seat-belt and/or seatbelt buckle attaching bolts. In short, fasteners that are the nuts and bolts of the business that Ford has been in for more than 100 years. Continue reading

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Silly, but Serious Safety Recalls from Mercedes and Kia

Recalls continue to bedevil automakers as airbag and software issues at Mercedes-Benz and a bad brake vacuum hose at Kia show. These are the result of quality control and development issues in what are admittedly complex automobiles. Continue reading

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Distracted Driving: Class Action Suit Over Apple iPhones

MLG Automotive Law filed a class action lawsuit against Apple to enjoin the company from selling iPhones until it installs texting and driving safeguards. Continue reading

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CAFE, Global Warming Rules Approved for 2022-25

In a parting shot to Twit-nitwit Trump who wants to despoil the environment because global warming is all a “Chinese hoax,” EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy says it will maintain the current greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards for model years 2022-2025 cars and light trucks. Continue reading

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FAA Changes Pilot Medical Rules. Implications for Drivers?

The new regulation has further potentially broad implications for drivers since it dovetails with two other federal actions or desires. Continue reading

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NHTSA Funding Technology to End Drunk Driving

The goal of the DADSS research program is to advance the state of passive alcohol detection technology by developing a system that is fast, accurate, reliable and affordable Continue reading

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DOT Wants Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

NHTSA estimates that safety applications enabled by V2V and V2I (vehicle to infrastructure could eliminate or mitigate the severity of up to 80% of non-impaired crashes, including crashes at intersections or while changing lanes. Continue reading

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NHTSA Hastens Replacements of Deadly Takata Air Bags

There are currently 46 million recalled Takata air bag inflators in 29 million vehicles in the United States. A combination of time, environmental moisture and cycling high temperatures contribute to the degradation of the ammonium nitrate propellant in the inflators. Such degradation can cause the propellant to burn too quickly, rupturing the inflator module and sending shrapnel through the air bag and into the vehicle’s cabin. Continue reading

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More Safety Recalls from BMW, Chrysler, Subaru, Toyota

BMW, Chrysler, Subaru and Toyota have issued safety recalls on more than 300,000 vehicles for fuel leaks, sudden stalling, fires, bad airbags, and defective parking brakes, according to documents made public by NHTSA. Continue reading

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Three Ford Recalls in North America on +400,000 Vehicles

The Ford safety defects arise from simple design, mechanical and assembly problems. Continue reading

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FCA Recalls Jeep Wrangler for Defective Airbags

Under certain crash conditions, rotation of the headlamp can cause the sensor wiring to separate from the front impact sensor. Continue reading

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Ford Brake, Lincoln Headlight Recalls Underway

Ford Motor Company is issuing two safety defect recalls in North America on 2017 Lincoln Continental models for defective headlamp assemblies and 2015-16 Ford Edge crossovers to update antilock braking system (ABS) modules because of bad software. Continue reading

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More Airbag Recalls from BMW, Toyota and Volvo

Only at BMW is the supplier Takata responsible for once again defective welds on its PSDI-X inflator. The Toyota recall involves Chinese supplier ARC Qing Hua (Xian) Automotive Company. Volvo did not name the supplier. Continue reading

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Ford Recalls Transit, Focus Models in North America

Ford recalls 2014 Transit Connect vehicles to reinstall badly glued panoramic roofs, and 2013-17 Focus hatchbacks to update interior latch release software. Continue reading

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Mazda Recalls Liftgate Struts on 580,455 Cars and Crossovers

Mazda North American Operations recalls 580,455 Mazda3, Mazda5 cars and CX-3, CX-5 crossovers going back to the 2012 model year because the Showa supplied liftgate gas struts can fail from corrosion. Continue reading

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