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Taxpayer Funded A123 Systems Claims Breakthrough Battery

A123 Systems (Nasdaq: AONE), a developer and manufacturer of nanophosphate lithium iron phosphate batteries and systems, today introduced Nanophosphate EXT, a new lithium ion battery technology that it claims is capable of operating at extreme temperatures without requiring thermal management. The struggling company said this morning that the new battery chemistry will significantly “reduce or eliminate the need for heating or cooling systems.” Continue reading

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No Jobs Crisis Continues in May as Washington Dithers

The looming choices facing voters are clearly unpalatable. At the top of the ticket, you have the demonstrably job-destroying Harvard-educated Republican party 1 percenter Mitt Romney running against the demonstrably non-job creating Harvard-educated Democratic party 1 percenter Barack Obama. It is time to put the name “somebody else” on all ballots, which if somebody else wins starts another election with the other previously listed candidates disqualified from running again. Continue reading

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April Marks Third Straight Month of Declining U.S. Job Growth as Unemployment Remains at an Official and Understated 8%

The struggling U.S. economy added a measly 115,000 jobs last month, the third straight month of declines in job growth. More than 15 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed. This poor performance comes years after Washington declared the recession caused by the reckless and unpunished practices of Wall Street officially over. Continue reading

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Chrysler Pays Back Taxpayers. Fiat Now Firmly in Control

The historic bailout differs this time around in what’s left and more importantly who owns it – along with the familiar, nagging question, can Chrysler make it? The new Chrysler Group is now firmly, irrevocably in the hands of Fiat, an Italian multinational firm, which has a global fight in front if it as it too competes to survive in an automobile business dominated by much stronger competitors. Continue reading

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Tougher Vehicle Economy Standards to Save Billions in Costs?

Pressure or advocacy groups rarely – if ever – acknowledge that higher fuel economy standards are controversial, and they usually don’t explore the soundness of their assumptions. (Ever see a California Air Resources Board assessment of the cost of its aborted electric vehicle mandate of the 1990s?) Continue reading

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President Obama Announces New Oil Drilling Plans

U.S. President Barack Obama in his weekly radio address to the nation on Saturday called expansion of domestic oil production and the elimination of $4 billion in taxpayer subsidies that oil companies are granted each year by the U.S. Congress. Continue reading

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President Obama outlines Energy Independence Plan, Touting Alternative Fuels, “Safe” Nuclear Power, 33% cut in Oil Imports

The President ordered that 100% of federal fleet purchases by 2015 will be alternative fuel, hybrid or electric vehicles – in a taxpayer-fueled bonanza for some automakers. Continue reading

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EPA, DOT and California Want Higher Light Vehicle Fuel Economy Rules in Place by September. Jobs Are at Stake

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the state of California today announced a timeframe for proposing what will no doubt be increased fuel economy and lower greenhouse gas standards for model year 2017-2025 cars and light-duty trucks. Continue reading

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