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Asian Brands Dominate U.S. August Sales

While the pickup truck market dominated by the Detroit Three exploded during August, in the crucial and larger car market, Asian brands ruled. Continue reading

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Toyota Led all Makers in U.S. Sales Gains During January of 2013

Offshore brands started 2013 with 54.4% of the U.S. auto market, down from the 55.3% they took in December, and the 55.8% share they occupied last January. The Detroit Three had a strong month in full size pickup sales as the housing market slowly recovers, accounting for more than 115,000 trucks, good for more than 11% of the market. Combined with other truck sales, this accounted for the offshore brand share decline, which offset in part by Toyota strong gains, including sales of 7,000 full-size Tundra pickups and 11,600 smaller Tacoma pickups a space now vacated by the extinct Ford Ranger. Continue reading

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Japanese Makers Up U.S. Share in November as East Coast Recovers

Japanese automakers with Asian tsunami and flooding production disruptions behind them and helped, ironically, by post Hurricane Sandy demand on the East Coast picked up marketshare in the U.S. November. Continue reading

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Detroit Three Continue to Trail Import Brands on Customer Retention Rates. Conquest Rates Are Up Slightly

While customer retention rates among Detroit Three brands as a whole have improved slightly from 2009, domestic makers still trail import brands when an existing vehicle owner considers purchasing the same brand again. Continue reading

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