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Iran Threatens to Close Strait of Hormuz, Shut Off Oil Supply. Here We Go With Another Oil Crisis Caused by Despots?

The larger issue remains an amorphous U.S. strategy conducted and – alas – at times directed in Washington by big money interests that care not about the welfare of the United States or its citizens. U.S. energy policy going back to President Carter and the first OPEC oil embargo four decades ago has failed under one-term Carter and every successive President and Congress since – Democrat or Republican – to eliminate this security threat – as well as the corresponding national economic decline posed by oil imports and the resulting enormous transfer of U.S. wealth overseas. Continue reading

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U.S. Vehicle Miles Traveled Rises in 2010. Still Below 2007 Peak

Preliminary estimates from the Federal Highway Administration show vehicle miles traveled (VMT) increased slightly in 2010 over the previous year. However VMT has not surpassed the peak of 3.03 trillion miles in 2007 when the economy was booming and gasoline was relatively inexpensive. Continue reading

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