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Will Rising Gasoline Prices Hurt New or Used Car Sales?

What this means for the recovering U.S. vehicle market is unclear. New vehicle sales have been slowly rising but are still far below pre-Great Recession rates. What is clear is that this is bad news for drivers and energy consumers, is that global liquid fuels consumption is at historically high levels. Continue reading

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OPEC to Keep Oil Production Even. Prices Likely to Stay High as U.S. Economic Recovery Stalls and Unemployment Grows

OPEC’s decision to keep oil production levels constant is the latest setback for the stumbling U.S. economy. Since there has been no change in the way oil is produced or traded – as a fungible commodity – there is no reason speculators cannot keep oil prices moving up toward the record $147 a barrel that it hit in July of 2008. In fact, some analysts warn oil prices won’t stop there this time. Continue reading

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