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Labor Day 2017 – September Fourth

Labor Day, this national holiday is a creation of the labor movement in the late 19th century struggling then as now against extremely wealthy owners and Wall Street, pays homage to the communal and economic achievements of workers in America. It will be the workers of America who rebuild Texas, not the billionaires who will reap the harvest of Trump’s proposed tax cuts. Continue reading

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Chrysler UAW Contract Ratified by Rank and File

As was the case with newly ratified UAW contracts at GM and Ford, a large part of the Chrysler UAW deal – in this case, $3.4 billion of claimed new investment of $4.5 billion – was part of previously announced business plans after Chrysler emerged from a controversial taxpayer-supported bankruptcy and reorganization in 2009. Continue reading

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Ford UAW is Next Labor Contract Fight. Strike Possible?

If the GM UAW contract sets the pattern, as it has in the past, a combination of job creation and increased pay for new union hires (the shrinking UAW desperately needs the revenues) will occur and signing bonuses will be given to existing workers under a new Ford UAW deal. Continue reading

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GM UAW Contract Offers Profit Sharing, Some New Jobs

A new four-year labor contract that will be voted on by GM’s UAW workers this week and next includes modest increases in wages for new hires over four years – but not veterans – and the protection or creation of more than 6,000 plant jobs in the U.S. at GM and its component suppliers. Long time employees will be compensated going forward largely with profit-sharing based on GM’s results in North America. Continue reading

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UAW Reaches Agreement with GM. Members Vote This Week

The real contract to watch is the now expired and unresolved one at Ford Motor where the UAW can strike, since Ford did not except bailout funds and hence the requisite no strike provision for a bailout, although Ford did accept billions in other taxpayer subsidies and handouts during the beginning years of the Obama Administration. Continue reading

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