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Trump Tariffs on Mexico – Job Destroying Taxes on Workers

Ultimately, prices on models imported from Mexico could increase by $8500. Factoring in parts for assembly in the US, the average price of all vehicles sold in the US could rise by as much as $2,500-3,000. the substantial increase could lower sales by 500,000-1.5 million units annually. Continue reading

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What Auto Companies are at Risk Under Trump?

The U.S. accounts for two thirds of North American vehicle production, but there are significant investment plans and decisions in place at major auto makers to re-source capacity from Asia and Europe to Mexico, according to consultancy LMC. These are now under a Trump assault but are nonetheless expected to bring Mexican auto production from 19% of NAFTA today to 26% in 2020, no matter how bellicose Trump is. Continue reading

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Global Vehicle Sales to Stall?

Global light vehicle sales could be slowing down, and if the recent trend continues, tens of millions of car sales would disappear from five-year global forecasts. Continue reading

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