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Top Five Air Pollution Actions to Improve Health, Climate

While some efforts that replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources improve both local health and favorably impact climate change, other, often politically popular programs are of limited value on either front. Continue reading

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Tire Wear Emissions 1000 Times More Than Exhaust Emissions

Non-exhaust emissions (NEE) are particles released into the air from brake wear, tire wear, road surface wear and re-suspension of road dust during  vehicle operation. No legislation is in place to limit or reduce NEE, but they affect air quality. Continue reading

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EPA Proposes Soot Pollution Standards under Court Order

Depending on the final level of the standard, estimated benefits will range from $88 million a year, with estimated costs of implementation as low as $2.9 million, to $5.9 billion in annual benefits with a cost of $69 million – a return ranging from $30 to $86 for every dollar invested in pollution control.

While EPA cannot consider costs in selecting a standard under the Clean Air Act, those costs are estimated as part of an analysis now undertaken for all significant regulations, as required by Executive Order 13563 issued by President Obama in January 2011. This genuine reform is a fact apparently unknown or ignored by the presumptive Republican presidential candidate who says he require such and analysis if elected. Continue reading

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