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Right to Repair Bill Passes Massachusetts Senate

A version of the bill, omitting dealerships, is currently before the Massachusetts house, with unknown prospects. However, more than 100,000 citizens signed a Right to Repair ballot initiative earlier this year. If the legislature does not pass a final bill, the state’s consumers will get their own chance to vote—on the November ballot. Recent polls have shown support level for Right to Repair as high as 87%. Continue reading

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Right to Repair on Massachusetts Ballot. National Bill Stalled

A similar national measure, the Motor Vehicle Owners’ Right to Repair Act (H.R. 1449), died from inaction in the 2011 U.S. Congress. Various forms of Right to Repair bills have been tied up in successive Congresses since 2002. It is not surprising that the National Association of Automobile Dealers opposes the legislation. NADA says that automakers provide emissions service and some other data available to any technician who needs it already. Continue reading

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AAA Asks Congress Yet Again to Pass “Right to Repair Act”

Dealerships used to thrive on automaker-paid warranty repairs, paid for by the factory at reduced labor rates. In order to compensate technicians for this factory dictated lower rate, dealers charged higher rates for non-warranty parts and repairs. In effect, car owners were subsidizing the cost of poor quality at automakers if they went to a factory store. Continue reading

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