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Taxpayers to Turn Profit from Controversial TARP Bailouts

TARP, arguably the most contentious of the Federal government’s attempts to stop the U.S. and global economies from sliding into another Great Depression or worse, prevented the collapse of the financial system by bailing out profligate and reckless Wall Street firms. To date not one person has been successfully prosecuted for the rampant financial fraud that caused the housing and stock markets to collapse. Continue reading

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Ford Extends Its $9 billion Revolving Credit Line with Lenders

In a separate transaction, Ford announced its first renminbi-denominated bond issue aimed at RMB investors in Hong Kong, Singapore and elsewhere outside the United States, with total proceeds of RMB 1 billion or about USD $158 million. Ford is losing money in the Asia-Pacific region. In the fourth quarter of 2011, Ford Asia Pacific Africa reported a pre-tax operating loss of $83 million, compared with a profit of $23 million a year ago. Continue reading

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General Motors Sets Sales Record in China. Ford Up too

Both General Motors and Ford Motor finished 2011 with strong performances in China, the world’s largest automarket for the past three years. GM and its joint ventures sold a record 2,547,171 vehicles up 8.3% from the previous high of 2,351,610 … Continue reading

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