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Milestones – One Million Jeep Wranglers Made at Toledo

The sprawling Toledo complex, famous in its own right, became the center of a Romney Presidential campaign controversy last fall, when a desperate Romney trailing in virtually all industrial states used attack ads proclaiming that Chrysler was going to move the jobs in Toledo to China. It was a complete falsification and came as Chrysler was expanding and retooling the North Plant, where the all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee will be built. Continue reading

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No Jobs Crisis Continues in May as Washington Dithers

The looming choices facing voters are clearly unpalatable. At the top of the ticket, you have the demonstrably job-destroying Harvard-educated Republican party 1 percenter Mitt Romney running against the demonstrably non-job creating Harvard-educated Democratic party 1 percenter Barack Obama. It is time to put the name “somebody else” on all ballots, which if somebody else wins starts another election with the other previously listed candidates disqualified from running again. Continue reading

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Republican NLRB Member Terence Flynn Resigns Over Ethical Violations. Romney Adviser under Criticism for Links

Flynn’s resignation as a temporary Board member is effective 24 July 2012, a laughably long time given the seriousness of the findings by the Inspector General of many instances of misconduct. In the view of many critics, Flynn should resign immediately and the Department of Justice should pursue criminal charges. For the moment, Flynn has recused himself from all agency business and has asked that the President withdraw his pending permanent nomination for Board Member of the NLRB. Continue reading

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April Marks Third Straight Month of Declining U.S. Job Growth as Unemployment Remains at an Official and Understated 8%

The struggling U.S. economy added a measly 115,000 jobs last month, the third straight month of declines in job growth. More than 15 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed. This poor performance comes years after Washington declared the recession caused by the reckless and unpunished practices of Wall Street officially over. Continue reading

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