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GM Dumps Most Manufacturing in Russia for Imports Only

GM in Russia will now try to sell in the premium segment of market with Cadillac – perhaps some built in China – and U.S.-built Chevrolet products such as the Corvette, Camaro and Tahoe. Continue reading

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Bosch follows Automakers into Russia as Market Booms

The irony here is that Bosch opened it first sales office in Russia during 1904 under the Kaiser and the Czar. Certain political disputes resulted in devastating wars and revolutions during the next decade that changed the ruling orders in both Germany and Russia, among other places with future dire consequences. That is history. We are now talking about the wealth creation of that the automobile industry makes possible. Continue reading

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Renault-Nissan Take Control of Russian Automaker Avtovaz

Total auto industry volume in Russia last year was 2.65 million vehicles, including light commercial vehicles. Volume in 2012 is expected to be 2.9 million units. The economy went through a bubble and subsequent collapse a few years back, and Lada has been steadily losing share all through the recession. Continue reading

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Global Share of Emerging Auto Markets Exceeds Matures

The marketshare of global light-vehicle sales coming from so-called “emerging” markets has surpassed share from economically mature regions, led largely by growth in China, according to J.D. Power and Associates. “Mature markets like the United States, Western Europe and Japan … Continue reading

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Ford Sollers to Build and Sell Vehicles in Russian Federation

Manufacturers of cars and auto components that apply “industrial assembly” processes in Russia are eligible for reduced taxes and duties from the Russian Federation. Under the new policy, customs duties are to decrease to 0 to 5% of the cost of auto components compared to 12%. Continue reading

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