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Honda Airbag Recall Grows. More than 300,000 Vehicles Added

Initially, Honda only recalled 4200 vehicles three years ago and ignored the rest of the world. However, this Honda problem was ongoing as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was fining Toyota for safety defect cover-ups – ones that ultimately resulted in millions of dollars in fines and a shredded Toyota corporate and vehicle quality reputation. During the past year or so, Honda has issued more than 22 public statements about various safety defects and recalls in the U.S. Continue reading

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Second Smallest U.S. Safety Recall in History? Toyota Recalls 32 Lexus RX 350 SUVs for Defective Antilock Brake Calibration

Toyota is recalling 32 model year 2011 Lexus RX350 sport utility vehicles equipped with vehicle dynamics integrated management (VDIM). The calibration for the hydraulic control valves from ADVICS manufacturing in Ohio is incorrect. Because of this safety defect, Toyota said in a NHTSA filing, there is a possibility that the right front wheel may not be controlled properly during antilock brake system operation or vehicle stability control actuation. Continue reading

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Honda Expands Airbag Recall to 833,000 Honda, Acura Models

All automakers typically try to limit the number of vehicles covered in recalls or service actions to cut down on expenses and limit damage to their reputations. However, as investigations proceed the population of affected vehicles sometimes expands due to uncertainties around the root cause or inability to identify exactly how many parts are affected. Continue reading

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