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Driving the 2016 Nissan Sentra – Substantial Upgrades in Equipment, Electronics & Safety Systems  

In the golden days for automakers the so-called mid-cycle freshening of a platform such as the Nissan Sentra was fast and dirty – headlights, taillights, new colors and the like – cheap and cheerful between major revisions every eight years or so. Continue reading

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Nissan to Build $2 Billion Plant In Aguascalientes Mexico

The announcement comes as the United Auto Workers union is developing plans to once again try to organize transplants in the United States, where Nissan has two other plants. The UAW has been unsuccessful in previous organizing attempts, and its lack of international alliances with other unions is a decided disadvantage.The lack of exports from UAW organized Detroit Three plants is preventing the creation of middle class jobs in the U.S. – now clearly the issue in the upcoming presidential election. Continue reading

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