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New Laser Speed Detection Tracks Multiple Cars at Same Time

A German company called Victronic is successfully selling PoliScanspeed, a new laser technology that can measure the speed of multiple vehicles in several lanes at the same time and document it with photographs, providing digital evidence to law enforcement agencies. The PoliScanspeed system recently nailed two Mad-Max like speeders in Australia who were running side-by-side. They were caught on camera driving at 195 kpm (121 mph) and 207 kph (129 mph) in a 90 kph (56 mph) zone. Continue reading

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Most Active Speed Traps Revealed in U.S. and Canada

A speed trap exists in NMA’s view wherever traffic enforcement is “focused on extracting revenue from drivers instead of improving safety.” NMA opposes the use of enforcement tactics that are intended to generate revenue from technical violations of “under-posted” speed limits. Continue reading

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Milestones: First Speeding Ticket in U.S. issued in 1899

Today more than 100,000 people a day receive a speeding ticket in the U.S. – it’s a big revenue raising business for local governments and the makers of speed traps with automatic cameras. The average citation costs $150 and often results in sizable increases – for years – in insurance rates based on dubious claims from insurance companies since traffic fatalities are at an all-time record low. Continue reading

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