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Most Loved Vehicle Awards – Tesla and Chevrolet

CLI puports to measure the amount of love that consumers have for products. Along all aspects of the vehicle, from styling and performance to tire and wipers, “Love” is the holy grail of customer experience. Love directly influences customer loyalty and product advocacy and is measured in terms of “emographics,” or the emotional profile of a population, which is crucial to understanding the “why” of decision-making. Continue reading

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Testosterone and Tesla – Men Love Them

As with all things associated with Tesla, AutoInformed remains skeptical about a company that has never showed a profit since its inception except in Q1 of 2013. For the first six months of this year, Tesla lost $1,916 per car based on a net loss of $19.254 million from sales of 10,000 Model S and a few Roadster EVs, which was -$0.17 a share. With Tesla stock trading in the $190 range for a book value of $5 a share, buyer beware, seller rejoice. Continue reading

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