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EPA Looks at Toxic Sites for Renewable Energy Sources

Since Re-Powering’s inception in 2008, more than 70 renewable energy projects have been installed on contaminated lands. These early projects represent just over 200 MW of installed capacity, which could power approximately 30,000 homes, and provide a foundation for future development as demonstrations of the latest technologies in both renewable energy and remediation design. Continue reading

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Oil Recycling Company and Owner Guilty of Toxic Crimes

A North Carolina used oil recycling business and its owner plead guilty to unlawful handling of PCB-contaminated used oil and other crimes today. Benjamin Franklin Pass, 60, and P&W Waste Oil Services Inc. of Wilmington, N.C., pleaded guilty in federal court in the Eastern District of North Carolina for violations of the Toxic Substances Control Act, as well as for making false statements and failing to pay several years of taxes. Continue reading

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New EPA Grants Go to Clean Up Contaminated Industrial Sites

Since its inception, EPA’s brownfield investments have used more than $18.3 billion in cleanup and redevelopment funding from public and private sources. During an election year, the ‘no jobs’ Obama Administration claims this has resulted in approximately 75,500 jobs. More than 18,000 properties have been assessed, and more than 700 properties have been cleaned up. Continue reading

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California Man Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Illegally Storing Toxic and Explosive Hazardous Wastes in His Backyard

Wyman was charged in June 2009, after firefighters responded to a report of a fire and explosions at Wyman’s residence. Because of the ammunition that was being “cooked off” in the fire, firefighters had to wear bullet proof vests. Continue reading

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Electric Utility Coal Ash Safety Plans Released by EPA

Electric vehicles, the current technology in favor by special interest groups who want their use mandated as well as subsidized by taxpayers, raise many legitimate environmental concerns since half the electricity in the United States is generated by burning coal. Continue reading

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