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Top Ten 2018 Vehicles

Seven substantially revised or all-new new vehicles made the 2018 Annual Top Picks list from Consumer Reports: Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry, Chevrolet Bolt, Kia Optima, Ford F-150, BMW X3 and Audi A4. Three of CR’s 10 Top Picks were … Continue reading

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News and Buzz at New York Auto Show on Car Concerns Radio

Hear Ken Zino on the news and the buzz from the New York Auto Show, with Zino coming live from New York on Car Concerns with co-host Harry Douglass as part of the lifestyle Talk Radio Network. Continue reading

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Toyota Increases Fuel Economy and Equipment While Cutting Prices on 2012 Camry – a Gambit to Reestablish Leadership

A beleaguered Toyota Motor Corporation is counting on a revised 2012 Camry sedan to brush aside safety and quality concerns that have haunted it for the past two years. These, along with the Japan earthquake will relegate it to the third largest automaker in the world for 2011 after it assumed the number one spot in 2008 and held it for three years. Continue reading

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Driving the Hyundai Sonata

Funny thing about incremental gains in automobiles, they eventually add to something big. Last year was something big for Hyundai Motor America as it picked up more than one percentage point of U.S. market share during the worst business climate … Continue reading

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