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Toyota Motor February Sales Increase 4%

Toyota Motor today reported February 2013 sales results of 166,377 units, an increase of 4.3% over the year-ago month, perhaps behind U.S. overall market growth projected at twice that rate. Part of the reason for the slowing of growth at TMS goes back a month. U.S. vehicle sales in January were surprisingly strong, with no automaker stronger than Toyota Motor’s three brands, which increased sales almost 27% in a retail light-vehicle market that grew by 14% to more than 1 million units. It’s payback time. Continue reading

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Toyota, Honda, and Nissan Post Strong January Auto Sales

Toyota was Number Three overall in U.S. sales, and a mere 12,000 vehicles behind Number Two Ford Motor. Toyota truck production in the U.S. – the last to recover from last year’s natural disasters – still has not caught up with demand. When it does – and Toyota’s pickup truck plant in Texas has been working overtime since late last year – Toyota could easily surpass Ford in U.S. sales. Toyota’s luxury division, Lexus, at 12,274 vehicles easily outsold Ford’s moribund Lincoln at 5,221 sales. Lexus production too is still recovering from the Japan earthquake so Ford is facing challenges on two fronts. Continue reading

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Toyota Motor November Sales Up 7% as Inventories Build

Toyota Motor has now returned near the sales levels it had in Q1 before the tragic Japan earthquake disrupted production for months. With the auto industry monthly sales running at the highest rates since August of 2009 when taxpayer subsidies boosted sales under the Cash for Clunkers program, Toyota seems ideally positioned top be back to full strength by early next year. As it is now Toyota has about a 14% market share in the U.S. even though year-to-date total sales are off a whopping 20%, at 1,384,558 vehicles. Continue reading

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Nissan Up, Toyota and Honda Down in U.S. September Sales

Year-to-date Honda remains in the Number Two spot at 859,797 compared to Nissan’s 774,079. Honda’s strong sales of light trucks at 45,723 surpassed its car sales for the month (43,809) and a building supply of newly revised Civic models bodes well for Honda hanging on to Number Two for the 2011 year. Continue reading

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Toyota Production Now at 100% in North America and Japan

Toyota’s North American production has now returned to 100%. The resumption of all car and truck manufacturing – months ahead of initial projections – is welcome news at Japan’s largest automaker, whose U.S. sales through August have declined 16% year-over-year, relegating it to fourth place, while the market grew 10.5%. Continue reading

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Toyota North American Production Back to 100% in September

All of the Detroit Three automakers – GM, Ford and Chrysler – clearly outsold the Japanese Big Three – Toyota, Nissan and Honda – in May as a result of the marketplace chaos. The largest Japanese automaker Toyota – also the most dependent on imports to the U.S. – saw decreases of 33% across its brands to 108,387 vehicles compared to a year ago. Continue reading

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Volkswagen – Stalking Toyota – Sets Record for Car Sales

Volkswagen wants to be the world’s largest automaker by 2018, which would require it to overtake Toyota and General Motors, the number one and number two global sales leaders respectively in 2010. VW brand deliveries in North America, 194,600 vehicles (162,600; +19.7%) in the first five months, were characterized as “very encouraging.”

Nonetheless VW remains a minor player in what remains a major global market. As part of the world dominance plan, Volkswagen Group said it will sell 800,000 VW models annually in the United States by 2018 – 1,000,000 with Bentley and Audi included. In the U.S., all VW Group brands delivered 360,300 units during 2010, corresponding to growth of 20.9% – a long way short of the goal. Continue reading

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Toyota U.S. Sales Down 5.7% in March. Q1 Plus 12.5%. Nissan, Honda Post Double Digit Gains as Toyota’s Troubles Go On

Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) U.S.A. today reported March sales results of 176,222 units, down 5.7% from a year ago on a volume basis. The Toyota Division posted March sales of 155,540 units, a decrease of 6.7% from the year-ago month. The Lexus Division reported total sales of 20,682 units, up 2.3% March. Overall, based on preliminary numbers, it looks like the industry is up roughly 12%. Continue reading

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Car Buyers Avoiding Toyota, Edmunds Claims

Car buyers are avoiding shopping for Toyota brands, according to data provided by Edmunds.com, an online web site covering the automobile business that sells advertising to virtually all automakers. The privately-held Edmunds declined to provide any information to AutoInformed about … Continue reading

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