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Trade Wars: Commerce Finds Dumping, Countervailable Subsidies of Chinese and Thailand Propane Cylinders

During 2017, imports of steel propane cylinders from China and Thailand were valued at an estimated $89.8 million and $14.1 million, respectively. In addition, Commerce found that exporters from China received countervailable subsidies at rates from 37.91 to 142.37%. Continue reading

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Cars for Cheese? EU Turning Point in Japanese Localization

In 2018, the three UK Japanese transplants of Nissan, Toyota and Honda collectively produced over 730,000 cars, which represent almost half of all Light Vehicles built in Britain. Continue reading

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Unifor Boycott Threatens Damage for Ontario Workers GM Says

“GM is arrogant enough to think it can rob Canada of jobs without repercussions,” said Unifor National President Jerry Dias, who resisted the boycott at first. “GM is making a choice to increase manufacturing in Mexico while it abandons communities that have supported it for generations but make no mistake Canadian and American consumers also have a choice,” he concluded. Continue reading

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Politics or Finally a Policy? Obama Administration Protests at WTO over Chinese Auto and Parts Subsidies. China Instantly Fights Back

The Obama Administration filed a complaint against the Communist Chinese government at the World Trade Organization today. Continue reading

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EU Automakers Protest Globalization as Trade Policy

Call it pragmatism or pure hypocrisy, but the Association of European Automakers – ACEA – is protesting trade negotiations to open markets. This is the so-called globalization that many – if not all- of its parent automaker companies previously used to break or weaken unions as they moved jobs away from their older, established manufacturing sites. Now, the effect of globalization is coming home to an impoverished European roost as the EU opens up formerly protected markets to developing countries, some of which produce automobiles. Management and remaining workers are in danger of losing their jobs this time. Continue reading

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U.S. Treasury Says China Continues to Undervalue its Currency

In what will undoubtedly become a Presidential campaign issue next year, as a result of the undervalued renminbi, China continues to increase its global export market share, and it remains heavily dependent on exports. Continue reading

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