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2.95 Trillion Miles Travelled on Interstate Highways During 2011

Drivers tallied 2.95 trillion miles during 2011 on U.S. interstate highways, according to a new report from the Federal Highway Administration, or nearly double the number of highway miles traveled in 1980. Continue reading

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Honda Verifies Congestion Reduction System During Public Road Tests

Honda Motor Company conducted public-road testing of its new traffic congestion minimization technology in Indonesia and claims it verified its effectiveness in delaying the development of congestion, and improving fuel efficiency by more than 20%. Continue reading

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Los Angeles Most Congested of any City in the U.S. and Canada

Los Angeles traffic remains the most congested of any city in the U.S. and Canada, according to a survey just released. Trip times in Los Angeles are 33% longer on average than when traffic in the city is flowing freely, and a whopping 74% longer during evening rush hour. Other congested cities include Vancouver 33%, San Francisco 29%, Montreal 28%, Toronto 27%, Washington 26%, Seattle 26%, New York 25%, Chicago 23% and Miami 22%. Continue reading

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Great Recession Cuts Congestion as Economy and Traffic Stall

The growing traffic congestion problem is the direct result of politicians refusing to address the underlying problem of a bankrupt Highway Trust fund. Federal gasoline taxes that support the highway system, – 18.4 cents per gallon – have not been increased since 1993 as the population expands and road use and repair costs go up. Continue reading

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