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GM CAMI Workers on Strike in Canada, NAFTA at Root

“NAFTA is a non-starter without trilateral commitment and compliance to higher labor standards,” said Unifor National President Jerry Dias. “Today we clearly stated our concerns to both countries and stressed the needs of all working people.” Continue reading

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Japan Automakers Buy $68 billion in U.S.-Made Auto Parts

JAMA normally runs for cover on bad news or critical developments, not returning media inquiries on serial molester Donald Trump and the lying, corrupt Hillary Clinton, as well as the fight over the Trans Pacific partnership that a fading Obama presidency is still promoting. It’s puzzling if these are all factors behind JAMA’s new-found attempt to talk with U.S. media.
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Japanese U.S. Auto Industry Exports at Record

The news comes as trade tensions are rising between the U.S. and Japan over Japan’s manipulation of the Yen by keeping it artificially low to boost sales of Japanese products while blocking imports into Japan. Continue reading

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