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Toyota Research Institute Launches AI Study of Human Behavior

Translation: A computer can take control of a vehicle if the driver is doing something dumb. This is an extension of  so-called driver assist systems (intelligent cruise control, pre-crash braking and belt tightening, automatic emergency dialing, lane wandering alerts and such that are already in widespread use in luxury vehicles) and a necessary step on the bumpy road to autonomous vehicles. There also are much broader applications in human enterprises to help people think. Continue reading

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Toyota Research Institute Autonomous Vehicle 2.0 Shown at Prius Challenge. This One is Engineered by Toyota

The autonomous vehicle systems are costly and computationally complex, centering deeply on machine vision and machine learning. Continue reading

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Toyota Expands Autonomous Vehicle Program with Jaybridge Robotics Software People for Crash-Free Driving

First announced in November 2015, TRI is a research and development enterprise designed eliminate the chasm between fundamental research and product development, particularly to address the 1.25 million traffic fatalities each year, worldwide. Continue reading

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