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General Motors Kisses Trump’s Butt

This was after its actions yesterday revealed the weakness if not downright falsity of President Trump’s claim to be creating jobs… “We appreciate the actions this administration has taken on behalf of industry to improve the overall competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing.” Continue reading

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Toyota R&D Centers Expand in Michigan

Clearly in the gun sights of nit-twit Trump, Toyota claims to have contributed to the design, engineering, and assembly of more than 33 million cars and trucks in North America. It currently runs 14 manufacturing plants – 10 in the U.S., but with Mexico and Canada left out of the exact count. Continue reading

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MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Ratings Run – Beats Fox, O’Reilly

Rachel Maddow’s 9 o’clock show beat every other prime time show during the week of March 6. This made her thoughtful, fact-filled show Number One for adults 25-54 years old in her time slot with an average 624,000 viewers. Maddow even beat the lying, racist pandering Bill O’Reilly of the non-news Fox Propaganda channel. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2016 Sees a Divided People

Thanksgiving is rooted in the traditions of early 17th century pilgrims, illegal immigrants or transplants, as celebrations of survival because of bountiful, and more importantly shared harvests. This was the beginning of “We the People.” President George Washington presiding from … Continue reading

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