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GM Claims Wireless Battery Management for Future EVs

It is hoped that wBMS, will get GM’s Ultium-powered EVs to market faster because time won’t be needed to develop specific communications systems or redesign complex wiring designs for each new vehicle. It has already sped the creation of more automotive engineering/marketing jargon powered by acronyms. The wireless battery monitoring system will be standard on all planned GM vehicles powered by Ultium batteries. Continue reading

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Lordstown and Lithium. A New GM Constellation is Rising

Back in March GM revealed a third-generation global EV platform powered by proprietary “Ultium” batteries. GM claimed it will allow the company to compete for almost every customer in the market today, whether they are looking for affordable transportation, a luxury experience, work trucks or a high-performance machine. A space that is largely occupied by Tesla, which caught all global automakers napping. Covid 19 has complicated launch plans across the industry and timing on such projects is unstable. Continue reading

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