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Trump Covid Casualties – State Sales Tax Collections Dive

Raising taxes on the middle class is not a viable option. A federal bailout or large assistance program for states appears likely. Senate Majority leader McConnell – aka Moscow Mitch – has a sure-fire way to create another great depression – let the states go bankrupt while Trump eats cake- and crow in Mira Largo. Continue reading

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Covid Causalities: US Trade Deficit Continues to Increase

Particularly worrisome for the Covid -Sick US economy were goods deficits with countries that effectively addressed the Covid-19 crisis with strong central government responses: In billions of dollars, with China ($26.4), European Union ($15.7), Mexico ($12.5), Germany ($4.6), Japan ($4.3), Italy ($2.6), France ($2.2), South Korea ($2.2), and Canada ($1.2). Continue reading

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Education, Hospitals, Police – Comprise the Largest State and Local Government Employment Groups

Full-time state and local government payroll increased 3.4% to $79 billion, and part-time employees’ payroll totaled $6.8 billion. Continue reading

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US Trade Deficit Continues at $45 Billion a Month

The drop in imports portends shortages, which could harm both consumer and business spending. The coronavirus epidemic has upset businesses and production in China, with an extension of  the Lunar Year holidays cutting output in an effort by the Chinese government to constrain its spread. This likely will be repeated in the US economy as the epidemic spreads here. It’s too soon to see the potential negative effects on the auto industry, but disruptions are likely given China, South Korea and Mexican trade in automotive goods. Continue reading

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