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Volkswagen Starts Production of the New Beetle in Mexico

The German built Beetle was particularly successful in the United States, of course. The original and updates sold almost five million units between 1949 and 1981. The New Beetle continued the success, with a total of 1.15 million units built in Puebla selling between 1997 and 2010. Continue reading

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Volkswagen Debuts Most Fuel-Efficient VW Beetle Ever

In 1998 the “New Beetle” returned, successfully riding a wave of nostalgia that was triggering automotive retro designs – including the Ford Thunderbird, BMW Mini, Chrysler PT – creating another generation of Beetle owners, most of whom thought WW2 was a history class. In yet another irony, the new Beetle was a mere sales footnote in Germany, where buyers thought the design too frivolous – no Love Bugs for them. All told about 500,000 New Beetles were sold in the U.S. – 10% of the original Beetle’s U.S. volume, as the competition in small cars had heightened considerably, notably by the Japanese Big Three – Toyota, Nissan and Honda. Continue reading

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Volkswagen to Debut New Beetle in China, Berlin, New York City

he latest Beetle rollout is a sign of the global automarket times, as well as an ironic nod to the fact that the new Beetle, soon to be in its second generation, is considered too frivolous by Germans to count among best selling cars in Germany. Continue reading

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