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Volkswagen Group Closes 2019 Books

The spread of coronavirus is currently impacting the global economy. It is uncertain how severely or for how long this will also affect the Volkswagen Group. Currently, it is almost impossible to make a reliable forecast. Continue reading

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Volkswagen Group Debuts Investment Plan for 2020-2024

The Group plans to spend nearly €60 billion on hybridization, electric mobility and digitalization in the next five years. Continue reading

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California, Automakers Defying Trump Agree on Emissions

On April 13, 2018, however, the Trump Administration took the first step toward dismantling the national program when it issued a revised final determination that alleged the federal greenhouse gas standards for model year 2022-2025 vehicles were no longer appropriate.kxhw@aol.com Continue reading

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Volkswagen and Ford Alliance Under Study

Against this backdrop and with a possible shakeout as devastating as occurred more than a century ago as the automobile emerged, it’s not surprising that long established car companies are seeking collaborative agreements to share the risks, cut the cost of research, development and production and survive as an entity when taking an individual road appears one paved with doom. Continue reading

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Volkswagen Prices 2017 e-Golf at $31,315

There’s a catch however – potentially an expensive one: up to 80% charge within an hour requires charging at a limited number of DC fast charging stations. Frequent and consecutive high-voltage charging – including DC charging – can permanently decrease the capacity of the high-voltage battery. It’s like the old ‘memory effect’ of Ni-Cad batteries. Continue reading

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SEAT Sets Profit Record of €143m in 2016

Worldwide sales were nearly 410,000 vehicles. SEAT is a member of the Volkswagen Group, the multinational has its headquarters in Martorell (Barcelona), exporting 81% of its vehicles in over 80 countries through a network of 1,700 dealerships. Continue reading

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Diesel Emission Fraud Charges Hit Volkswagen Group Profits

Gentlefolks Chief Financial Officer Frank Witter said, “The impact of the diesel issue, in particular, required a systematic, disciplined approach to investments and costs. But further significant improvements in productivity and profitability are needed across the whole Group.” Continue reading

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Bentley Testing Concierge Fuel Service in California

Owners open a Filld for Bentley app, choose a delivery time, and their fuel will be delivered wherever and whenever they require. This first-ever Connected Car integration means that customers don’t need to unlock the fuel cap themselves, or identify the car’s exact location as this is done for them securely through the Filld for Bentley service. Bentley predicts additional future benefits, including predictive fuel ordering where the car places an order for itself based on fuel level, location and customer preferences. Continue reading

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Stefan Sielaff to Head Bentley Design. Donckerwolke Out

In April after Ford Motor unveiled the Lincoln Continental concept at the New York Auto Show, Donckerwolke in a post on his Facebook page calledout the 2016 Continental plagiarism. “I would have called it a Flying Spur concept and kept the four round lights,” he wrote. Continue reading

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Huge Bonus declared for Porsche employees

During 2014 the launch of the Porsche Macan as the second SUV in the model range from what was once a sports car maker increased deliveries by 17% to ~190,000 vehicles compared to 2013. This earned owner Volkswagen Group roughly $23,000 per Porsche peddled. Continue reading

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Volkswagen Group on Track for 9.5 Million in 2013 Sales

Volkswagen Group is now saying it will sell 9.5 million vehicles for the full year, which, if true, could unseat the existing Number One Global sales leader Toyota Motor and Number Two General Motors, both of whom currently have more conservative sales forecasts. Continue reading

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Volkswagen Group Q1 Profit Drops as Europe Mars Results

Volkswagen Group profits decreased to €2.3 billion in Q1, down from a record €3.2 billion a year earlier. Global deliveries increased by 4.8% to 2.3 million vehicles worldwide as the Group’s share of the passenger car market rose year-on-year to 12.6% from 12.2%. Continue reading

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Volkswagen Group February Sales Up 15%, Europe Weak at 1%

Still, executives are cautious. “We are very satisfied with the Group’s noticeably positive performance. However, we will remain vigilant over the coming months in spite of this clear upward trend and are keeping a very close eye on the markets – especially in Western Europe,” said Christian Klingler, Group Board Member for Sales, in Wolfsburg on Friday. Continue reading

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Toyota Projects 20% 2012 Sales Rise. Ichiban Again?

Both General Motors Company and Volkswagen Group, at more than 8 million vehicles each, will outsell Toyota’s 2011 sales tally of fewer than 8 million in a record global market of 75 million vehicles. Continue reading

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