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Volkswagen Debuts 34 New Models Worldwide in 2020

Next year the ID.31 goes on sale in the summer, followed by the ID.Next2, VW’s first electric SUV. Vehicles and the VW group are to achieve a carbon-neutral balance by 2050. CO2 emissions from production are to be halved by 2025. Ambitious and subject to the whims of bureaucrats in Brussels, Beijing and Washington. Continue reading

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IndustriALL Endorses Global Agreements to Fight and Shape Policy on the Growing Number of Auto Plant Closures

So whither auto plants with their well-paid, highly skilled and heavily unionized work? Plant closures and retrenchments in several countries is worrying for unions. Continue reading

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VW Plans Electric Record Run on Nürburgring-Nordschleife

The ID. R is the marketing amperage behind an entire range of electric vehicles that Volkswagen plans to launch from 2020 onwards. The ID. R’s motorsport ventures – arguably – show the huge potential power that e-drive can deliver on prosaic, possibly gridlocked roads in the future. Continue reading

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Volkswagen Piloting Augmented Reality for Technicians

The tool – it’s said -can operate in loud workshop environments and dark and tight areas that need light. It also allows for hands-free use in rough environments. This virtual assistance could significantly reduce service time, as technicians will be supported throughout the diagnosis and repair of the vehicle. Continue reading

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Dieselgate: Bosch Plea-Bargain for Dirty Engines

The dieselgate plea bargain – and it looks like a real bargain – requires the approval by Judge Charles R. Breyer, who conducts the nationwide multi-district proceedings in which numerous civil law actions have been combined. Continue reading

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Did Tennessee Governor Haslam Violate Worker’s Rights?

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and other Republican state lawmakers are charged with trying to prevent Volkswagen workers from obtaining union representation by threatening to withhold state aid for the now stalled expansion of the Chattanooga plant where the Passat is assembled. Continue reading

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Porsche Opens Display at Autostadt Park in Wolfsburg

Porsche AG inaugurated its new pavilion in Wolfsburg’s Autostadt theme park today. The auto manufacturer’s new exhibition building has a curved roof design said to be inspired by the silhouette of a Porsche 911. Inside, the center stage of the pavilion displays 25 vehicle models that take visitors on a journey through the development of the sports car brand. Continue reading

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Japanese Big 3 – Toyota, Honda, Nissan – Sales Up in May

Toyota Motor came close to displacing Ford Motor from its assumed Number 2 spot in the U.S. by posting monthly sales of 202,973 – within a rounding error of Ford’s 215,699 and firmly putting Toyota in the Number 3 sales spot for the year-to-date. The other Japanese powerhouse members were also back in shape. American Honda posted sales of 134,000 (576,000 ytd) easily ahead of the Nissan at 92,000 (485,000 ytd). With a new Accord and Altima due this fall, the family car market is about to becomes more competitive than it has been in years, which is good for buyers but might leave weaker and older entries as road kill. Continue reading

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Volkswagen Group April Sales at 732,000 are Up 6%

The Volkswagen Group in Wolfsburg today said sales increased for the month of April to 732,000 vehicles. Compared to April 2011 at 690,800, this represented a 6% gain. Year-to-date VW Group sold 2.89 million vehicles for an increase of 8.6% percent (January-April 2011: 2.66 m). Europe’s largest automaker and the Number Two Global automaker behind General Motors outperformed the overall market, which grew by 6% during the year.
Continue reading

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VW E-Bugster Makes Asian Debut in Beijing at Auto China

The energy for powering the electric motor is stored in a lithium-ion battery pack whose modules are housed behind the front seats of E-Bugster. The battery’s energy capacity of 28.3 kWh in theory under ideal conditions provides a range of at least 110 miles (180 km) in the urban world, VW claims. At current prices of $800-$1,000 per kWh, the battery pack alone costs the price of a new Beetle. Continue reading

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German Shuffle as Ulrich Eichhorn leaves Bentley Motors for VDA, Rolf Frech leaves Porsche to Head Bentley Engineering

Frech succeeds Dr Ulrich Eichhorn, who becomes the Managing Director with the Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA), the German Association of the Automotive Industry. VDA has seen some executive changes as German automakers continue to be outflanked by the growing green movement in Germany and across Europe, one that now sees the proposed banning of conventional automobiles from most cities and the shifting of transportation spending to water and rail. Continue reading

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Chinese Government Approves Two VW Joint Venture Plants

VW is in the midst of an ambitious expansion designed to make it the world’s largest automaker surpassing General Motors and Toyota by 2018. The new VW JV plants at Foshan and Yizheng in the world’s largest car market are key to this expansion strategy. Continue reading

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Volkswagen – Stalking Toyota – Sets Record for Car Sales

Volkswagen wants to be the world’s largest automaker by 2018, which would require it to overtake Toyota and General Motors, the number one and number two global sales leaders respectively in 2010. VW brand deliveries in North America, 194,600 vehicles (162,600; +19.7%) in the first five months, were characterized as “very encouraging.”

Nonetheless VW remains a minor player in what remains a major global market. As part of the world dominance plan, Volkswagen Group said it will sell 800,000 VW models annually in the United States by 2018 – 1,000,000 with Bentley and Audi included. In the U.S., all VW Group brands delivered 360,300 units during 2010, corresponding to growth of 20.9% – a long way short of the goal. Continue reading

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Volkswagen Holds Base Price of New Beetle to $19,765

Transaction prices of the Beetle will be much higher of course than the $19,765 starting point. The sportiest model the 2.0L TSI will start at more than $24,000 with a 2-liter in-line four-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 200 horsepower and 207 lb-ft of torque. Continue reading

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Volkswagen Group Sales Rise 13.9% Through April

VW is now growing faster than the overall global auto market, which increased 8% during the same period. If the sales trend holds VW will surpass Toyota in global sales this year as Japan’s largest automaker continues to struggle with production disruptions caused by the Japan earthquake. Continue reading

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