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COVID Casualty – Woodward Dream Cruise

Southeastern Michigan is in Phase 4 of Whitmer’s Safe Start Plan. This means social gatherings are limited to small groups with social distancing, and outdoor crowds are limited to no more than 100 people. Continue reading

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Rain Shortens Fourth Annual Roadkill Nights – Street-legal Drag Racing on Woodward Avenue

A total of 128 street-legal cars were on a specially prepped 1/8-mile drag strip on Woodward Avenue between Rapid Street and South Boulevard to compete in high-powered drag racing for cash prizes. Heavy rains ended the races early, so 16 total finalists split $20,000 in cash prizes. Continue reading

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Ford to Unveil New Model During Woodward Dream Cruise Tomorrow. Mustang NASCAR Cup Edition Coming?

This remains ‘Merican pavement pulverizing territory. The burnt rubber on Woodward avenue in the run up to the Dream Cruise with the prelude of Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge at the MI Concourse just off Woodward in Pontiac are just the latest examples. With American passenger cars now an endangered species, the pony cars thrive. I’ll wager the Mustang is the last passenger car assembled by FMC after the crossover tidal wave finishes washing though the auto industry and it wrestles with connect and self-driving vehicles. Continue reading

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Elite or Street – Woodward Dream Cruise and Pebble Beach Concours

Nowhere will the two diverse approaches to automobile collecting be more apparent than at the Woodward Dream Cruise in the northern Detroit suburbs and the Pebble Beach Concourse in Northern California this weekend. Continue reading

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GM CEO Akerson to Auction His 1958 Corvette for Detroit Charity

General Motors Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson plans to auction off his Corvette with proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity Detroit and the rebuilding of the Morningside Commons neighborhood. Continue reading

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GM’s Woodward Test Resulted from Real Durability needs of the Street Racing that the Woodward Dream Cruise Honors

In the hay day of the Detroit Three, who were really the Big Three in the 1960s, General Motors used Woodward Avenue not only as a rolling marketing clinic about what kids were driving, but also as a model for a durability test still in use. Continue reading

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Chevrolet to Sponsor 2011 Woodward Dream Cruise

Chevrolet will be the “presenting sponsor” for the 2011 Woodward Dream Cruise this year on 20 August as part of its on going 100th anniversary promotional events. It is the first in a new three-year sponsorship agreement between Chevrolet and the organizers. Continue reading

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