Leading Automakers at CAR Management Briefing Seminars

AutoInformed.comThe Center for Automotive Research confirms that at least 18 executives from ten automakers – including the biggest three in the  world – General Motors, Toyota and Volkswagen – will join supplier leaders and policymakers to discuss critical issues at the CAR Management Briefing Seminars, August 1-4 in Traverse City, MI.

Agenda items include new mobility and autonomy trends, fuel economy policy and its implications for the upcoming mid-term review, and propulsion systems, among others. The mid-term review is critical.

The US Environmental Protection Agency – with agreement of the automakers – set a target of 54.5 miles per gallon in 2025, but in an ‘escape clause’ automakers negotiated, the regulation set 2017 as a year with a so-called “mid-term review” whereby the standard could be adjusted down based on market conditions and demand.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers is already lobbying for a reduction in the regulation. So far the results in terms of fuel economy and U.S. energy independence are considerable: From 2002 to 2014 automakers achieved a 26% increase in fuel efficiency through investments of billions of dollars in fuel-sipping features.

“CAR is honored to welcome top automaker executives to use the Management Briefing Seminars as a forum to share critical insights about the key topics on the mind of every stakeholder in the automotive value chain,” said Dr. Jay Baron,  President and CEO at CAR. “Predicting the production readiness and cost of a plethora of fuel-saving technologies out to 2025 is a formidable task with inherent uncertainty,” said Baron.

CAR estimates that 1,000 automotive industry stakeholders will attend the Management Briefing Seminars. Perusing the list, seminars and speakers are concentrating on industry disruption. They will explore, among other things, the evolving connected and autonomous aspects of automobility. There will also be expert analysis and sales forecasts, as well as discussions about what is the future of manufacturing. In short, this a data overload for industry junkies. There are more than 65 confirmed speakers – for a complete list of Management Briefing Seminars, click here.

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