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Toyota Motor Corporation and Amazon Web Services are expanding their global collaboration, applying AWS’s collection of services to expand Toyota’s Mobility Services Platform to help Toyota develop, deploy, and manage the next generation of data-driven mobility services for driver and passenger safety, security, comfort, and convenience in Toyota’s cloud-connected vehicles.

It’s the latest example of  an emerging trend among automakers to offer owners and lessees thus far unclear advantages of processing and analyzing data from vehicle use from Toyota’s growing worldwide fleet of connected vehicles. Nowhere in the announcement was an acknowledgement that the use of such customer data raises vast unaddressed privacy, security and law enforcement concerns. In communist China where these are lessor concerns, GM has more than 5,000,000 connected vehicles on the road now.

The Center for Automotive Research notes the automotive industry is changing at a record rate with vehicle technologies such as automated driver assist systems (ADAS), connected and automated vehicles (CAV), and advanced hybrid, electric and fuel cell powertrains. These have the clout to transform both the products and therefore the industry. A new acronym – automated, connected, and electric (ACE) automotive technologies that in laughable jargon “will enable new mobility paradigms, new companies, and new business and revenue models that have the potential to alter the way consumers interact with vehicles.”

Perhaps humorous as CAR put it, but also serious since taken together, these new vehicle technologies – and unknown ones – and new mobility services are key to advancing the “shared economy.”

In the latest Amazon Toyota development, the companies claim that the Mobility Services Platform and its application programming interfaces (API) will enable Toyota to collect data from connected vehicles and apply it towards vehicle design and development of new unstated corporate and consumer services. If nothing else it will provide a vast number of new automotive acronyms that marketing people so love.

The collaboration between Toyota and Amazon Web Services extends to Toyota’s entire enterprise. It’s said that this will help build a foundation for streamlined and secure data sharing throughout the company and accelerate its move toward CASE – Connected, Autonomous/Automated, Shared and Electric – mobility technologies.

Ultimately the payoff will come, but not for the car owners who have lost the rights to their own data. Smart Mobility unlocks myriad selling opportunities for both the OEMs as well as so-called value-added service creators. It also brings with it a range of cybersecurity risks that never existed before.

In expanding Toyota’s relationship with AWS, Shigeki Tomoyama, Chief Information & Security Officer and Chief Production Officer at Toyota Motor Corporation, said, “Connectivity drives all the processes of development, production, sales and service in the automotive business. Expanding our agreement with AWS to strengthen our vehicle data platform will be a major advantage for CASE activities within Toyota.” on

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