Toyota Classic Car Festival On With Limited Attendance

Ken Zino of on Covid 19 and the Toyota Classic Car Festival

Cars of 7 countries and 24 manufacturers will depart the Toyota Automobile Museum in chronological order.

The 31st Toyota Automobile Museum Classic Car Festival is on for Sunday 25 October. However, the Toyota Automobile Museum will serve as the venue this year, accommodating about 50 privately owned classic cars that will participate in a street parade.

Public access to the museum will be limited to Nagakute residents and the museum’s annual pass holders. Toyota will also conduct temperature checks for all staff members and visitors, and everyone will be required to wear face masks and observe social distancing at the venue. A special exhibition and socializing will also take place at the venue.

The street parade will have Japanese, American, and European classic cars dating from 1990 or earlier. All have been preserved and maintained by their owners. Cars representing 7 countries and 24 manufacturers will depart from the Toyota Automobile Museum in chronological order according to their date of manufacture and will parade through Nagakute City before returning to our museum.

In a new Covid 19 approach, this year’s event will be broadcast live on YouTube (on the official channel of the car community website, GAZOO) and on a local cable TV channel (Himawari 11) in the morning. In the afternoon, live streaming on YouTube will cover interviews with all parade participants about their cars.

Displayed at the Restoration Zone within the venue are supply parts for Toyota 2000GT and A70/A80 Supra models, which have been commercially reproduced as part of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s “GR Heritage Parts Project.”

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