Toyota, KDDI, OYO to Collect Data for Disaster Relief of Toyota Big Data for Distaster Relief

How’s your Kanji? No matter, the connected car and big data are moving forward at Grand Prix speeds.

KDDI, OYO and Toyota will gather data to build an “information support system” for the government and local administrations. The project uses technologies in the IoT (internet of things) and big data analysis that will be crucial to the survival of “wanna be” mobility companies in the auto industry that lack much experience in these areas.

The Japanese companies will carry out experiments with the aim of commercializing this system by 2019. The system will bring together KDDI’s demographic movement data, OYO’s various data from disaster monitoring sensors, probe data obtained through Toyota’s connected cars, and publicized data, such as weather information, with the goal of creating “all kinds of disaster prevention information.”

This system will enable governments to know where passable roads are and allow the monitoring of infrastructure in real time during disasters or normal times. Promised is an improvement in the accuracy and speed of decision-making in issuing evacuation warnings, regulating traffic et cetera – ensuring safety in the daily lives of residents.

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