Used Electric Vehicle Battery Reports Offered by Recurrent

A new Seattle-based startup focused on electric vehicles (EVs), claims to be the first company to offer third-party reports on the battery life and range of used EVs to help car buyers. Roughly half of American car buyers say they expect to own an electric car in the next 10 years according to recent surveys, but  so far sales have been miniscule. Recurrent claims the lack of reliable information about battery condition and actual range stops most of those purchasers from choosing EVs.

“Imagine buying a traditional used car without knowing the odometer reading. Battery health is the new odometer for electric vehicles, and we’re bringing transparency to it,” said Recurrent co-founder Scott Case.

Recurrent’s vehicle reports are available through participating car dealer websites, and EV buyers can request them directly online at

“Recurrent is working on an important question we get all the time from our customers at iDrive,” said Dink Davis, Owner, iDrive1 Motorcars. “We’re one of the largest pre-owned Tesla dealerships in the country and are thrilled to offer Recurrent’s vehicle reports to our customers.”

To build its independent reports analyzing battery condition and projecting longevity, Recurrent’s nationwide fleet of volunteer EV drivers provide detailed data on range and battery conditions for their vehicles. By using thousands of cars with different battery pack configurations, from different manufacturers, in different operating environments and with different ages and odometer readings, Recurrent has built up a unique data set to train its predictive algorithms to predict future battery life and range for nearly every used EV for sale.

The team behind Recurrent’s technology includes battery scientists from University of Washington’s Chemical Engineering program and technical advisors from Stanford University, Columbia University, University of Washington and Lawrence Berkeley Labs.

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