Volkswagen Brand Global Sales up 9% Year-to-Date

“The brand was not entirely immune to the tough competition and continued uncertainty in key European markets,” said Christian Klingler.

Volkswagen delivered 893,400 passenger vehicles during the first two months of 2013, a +9.1% improvement from 2012 at 818,800. The success of the volume brand from the VW Group is key to realizing its ambitions to be the world’s largest automaker by 2018, a position now held by Toyota Motor Corporation. This year, the VW group is closing on General Motors Company for the Number Two spot.

The Volkswagen brand sales success came in spite of the chaos in large European markets, which are heading for their sixth straight year of sales. Strong results with growth in the Asia-Pacific region and in Central and Eastern Europe led the sales increase.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 231,600 (251,800; -8.0%) vehicles on the overall European market in the period to February. In Western Europe – excluding Germany – deliveries fell 11.6% to 115,800 (131,000 in 2012) units. In Germany, Volkswagen Passenger Cars sold 77,000 (85,000; -9.4%) vehicles to customers in the first two months of the year.

In contrast, the brand generated growth in Central and Eastern Europe, where deliveries rose by 8.4% to 38,800 (35,800) units, with deliveries on the Russian market increasing to 22,500 (20,700; +8.7%) units.

In the Asia-Pacific region brand sales increased 27.7% from January to February at 425,500 (333,200) vehicles, of which 392,300 (300,300; +30.6%) cars were delivered in China (includes Hong Kong). Volkswagen sold more than 9,800 (12,000; -18.0%) vehicles in India in the first two months.

In the North America region Volkswagen Passenger Cars increased deliveries by 8.2% to 90,300 (83,500) units, of which 60,500 (57,800; +4.7%) vehicles were sold in the USA. In the South America region the company delivered 112,400 (121,100; -7.2%) vehicles in the period to February, of which 82,100 (86,700; -5.2%) units were delivered in Brazil.

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