Volvo Picks AeroVironment for Its First EV Charging Station

Think of the gasoline engine as the world’s longest extension cord.

AeroVironment (NASDAQ: AVAV), a company in electric vehicle (EV) charging and the charging supplier for eight global automakers, today announced its selection by Volvo Cars as the developer of Volvo Cars’ first custom global EV charging station.

Incorporating customer design elements and branding specifically for Volvo Cars, this charging station can be wall mounted.

It will enable drivers to charge their vehicles up to three times faster with 240 volts  than is possible with a standard 120-volt cordset.“Volvo Cars’ approach to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles positions it as an innovator, and we look forward to providing Volvo Cars’ customers with a wall mounted charging station they can rely on to charge safely and proceed with certainty,” gushed Ken Karklin, vice president and general manager, Efficient Energy Systems for AeroVironment. on EV RechargingAeroVironment’s charging station design will incorporate global third-party safety agency certifications for each market including UL, CE and China CQC. The new charging station will be designed with a weather-resistant IP55 enclosure and will deliver AC power safely to a vehicle’s on-board charger both indoors and outdoors.

AeroVironment’s TurboCord Dual plug-in EV charger is also a Volvo Cars-preferred charging solution. The addition of Volvo Cars’ customized global charging station builds on a  partnership between the two companies to give customers the ability to reliably charge their vehicles anywhere. AeroVironment’s new charger is said to pair well with the TurboCord model that comes standard in the trunk of the Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid. Volvo Cars drivers can now have a charging station in their garage, and one in the trunk.

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