Volkswagen Group Sets Q1 and March Sales Records

China, VW’s largest market, had Q1 sales of 429,500. In North America Volkswagen delivered 106,300.

The Volkswagen Group finished the first quarter of 2011 with an increase in vehicle deliveries. Of more than  1.97 million vehicles from January to March (Q1 2010 – 1.73), a new all-time high for the quarter. The VW Group also reported a delivery record for the month of March as 767,200 vehicles  (+8.1% ) were delivered to customers for the first time.

“Developments in the first quarter were excellent. Growth regions such as China, India or Russia again produced a strong performance,” said Group Board member Christian Klingler in Wolfsburg on Friday.

By posting what was a 13.7%  increase Europe’s largest automaker outperformed the overall market, which grew 8.1% based on preliminary Q1 results.

The Group brands delivered 621,800 (505,900; +22.9%) vehicles to customers in the Asia / Pacific region, of which 548,500 (457,300; +19.9%) were in China, the region’s largest single market. Volkswagen also reported strong growth in India, where 28,100 (7,900; +256.7%) vehicles were delivered to their new owners.

The VW Group also increased deliveries in the South America region as well, with a Q1 posting of 220,900 (214,600; +2.9%) vehicles to customers. The situation in the North America region was also positive, with 143,900 (122,100; +17.9%) vehicles delivered. On the US market, 92,800 (80,000; +16.1%) were delivered to customers.

The Volkswagen Group also reported growth in Europe. In Western Europe (excluding Germany), 532,000 (499,000; +6.6%) vehicles were handed over to customers. The Group brands reported an increase of 30.7% in Central and Eastern Europe, delivering 109,200 (83,500) vehicles in the region in the first quarter. On its home market of Germany, the Volkswagen Group achieved 5.0% growth, delivering 267,300 (254,400) vehicles.

Higher deliveries for all Group brands

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand recorded a strong first quarter and delivered 1.23 (1.11) million vehicles worldwide, representing 10.4% growth. China, VW’s largest single market, had sales of 429,500 (362,600; +18.5%) vehicles were handed over. In the North America region, Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 15.5% more vehicles (106,300; 92,000) during the same period, in the Central and Eastern Europe region the brand reported a rise of 36.0% to 37,200 (27,300) vehicles.

Audi delivered 312,600 (264,000; +18.4%) vehicles worldwide from January to March. The premium brand from Ingolstadt grew in all regions. Contributory factors included continued growth in China, where the brand delivered 64,100 (51,400; +24.6%) vehicles. Audi also grew deliveries in the USA, where 25,400 (21,300; +19.1%) units were handed over to customers. On its home market of Germany, Audi delivered 13.7% more vehicles (56,300; 49,500).

The Czech automaker Škoda also faired well in the first quarter, delivering 217,100 (178,900; +21.4%) units. Škoda sold  particularly well in Central and Eastern Europe, where 51,300 (39,700; +29.4%) vehicles were delivered from January to March. In the Asia / Pacific region the Czech brand delivered 31.0% (63,500; 48,500) more vehicles.

SEAT delivered 90,800 (88,300) vehicles worldwide during the first three months of the year, an increase of 2.8%. The Spanish brand reported a strong rise in Germany, delivering 12,600 (10,100; +24.5%) vehicles to customers there. Improvements in Italy (5,400; 4,500; +19.5%) and France (10,200; 8,500; +19.7%) were posted. .

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles enjoyed “significant” first-quarter growth of 36.2%, delivering 121,200 (89,000) light commercial vehicles. 25,900 (24,200; +7.4%) vehicles were handed over to customers on the home market of Germany. Deliveries in Western Europe (excluding Germany) rose to 39,400 (29,400; +33.8%), while the figure for Central and Eastern Europe increased to 7,300 (4,500; +64.2%) units.

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